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  A Sheography™ Women's Photography Workshop


SOLD OUT - Please email Colleen for waitlist.

DATES: May 25-30, 2023 (added an extra day per customer input!)
COST: $2495/person
DEPOSIT: $500/person
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Easy to moderately strenuous. Best suited for active, sure-footed participants who are capable of hiking up to two-miles roundtrip on uneven, rocky, or sandy uphill terrain while carrying their gear. Participants should have a 2WD high clearance vehicle their willing to drive short distances (less than 5 miles) on dirt/gravel roads.


Calling all the ladies! Since 2011, Colleen's all-women's workshops have helped inspire photographic growth, personal development, wanderlust, and life-long friendships. And Sheography™ aims to continue that, to help women of all ages, backgrounds, and photographic skill become "the woman you were meant to be through the art of photography and adventure."

Join Colleen and other Sheographers™ for an exciting six-day women’s-only photography adventure based out of the Ghost Ranch outside of Abiquiu, New Mexico, where we'll literally be following in the footsteps of the renowned painter, Georgia O'Keeffe.

O'Keeffe began visiting New Mexico in 1929 where she found much inspiration for her work in the fantastical rock formations, the colorful hillsides, and expansive desert landscape. By the 1940s, she had moved to what is known today as the Ghost Ranch in Abiquiu where she created remarkable studies of shapes, forms, and patterns in abstracts and grand views of her surroundings. Although she did not work much in the photography medium, her husband, Alfred Steiglitz, did and was a famous photographer in his own right (yet he never visited O'Keeffe in New Mexico...). She died in 1986 at the age of 98, but her spirit and legacy lives on.

Now it's time for Sheographers to learn from her by studying, living, and experiencing her world to better our own photography and world!

Our workshop will start with a welcome dinner on Thursday evening followed by a casual get-together to discuss O'Keeffe's legacy and how we can leverage her approaches and techniuqes as inspiration for our own photography. On Friday morning through Thursday morning, we'll put our photography skills and workshop learnings in rousing locations on and around the Ghost Ranch property, visiting some the very locations O'Keeffe did to put our own spin on this breathtakingly beautiful desert landscape. To expand our knowledge and connection with place, we'll hear from guest speakers, walk through O'Keeffe's studio and home, and explore O'Keeffe's "backyard."

While we will photograph landscape scenes, instruction will put a special emphasis on creating abstracts in macro and intimate perspectives that transcend realism and incorporate individual meaning. After all, O'Keeffe said, "Even if I could put down accurately certain things that I saw and enjoyed it would not give the observer the kind of feeling the object gave me. I had to create an equivalent for what I felt about what I was looking at--not copy it."

As with all Sheography workshops, attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions, experiment, and get immediate feedback through a blend of field-based, classroom, and image review sessions.

In an learning-intensive, supportive, and all-women's group, where pushing ourselves to try new things will be encouraged, attendees will learn how to:

The workshop's curriculum will be developed from the participants interests (collected through a pre-workshop questionnaire) and tailored to both individual and group needs. All levels from beginner to professional--and all camera types from iPhones to fancy dSLRs--are welcome for what is sure to be an inspirational five days celebrating the life of Georgia O'Keeffe--and our own--through photography.

**IMPORTANT NOTE: We will be photographing both from The Ghost Ranch and surrounding public lands. The Ghost Ranch permits photographs created on their private property to be used for personal, non-commercial use only. Any commercial use requires prior permission from the Ghost Ranch Production Manager. If this is of interest to you, please contact Colleen to discuss further and to arrange. To read more about the Ghost Ranch's policy, visit**




All cancellations must be provided in writing. Cancellations made:

If the vacated spot happens to fill prior to the workshop at any time, then a full refund, including the balance paid and the deposit minus a $100 administrative fee, will be granted.

Special COVID-19 Policy:
Should CMS Photography be required to cancel the workshop due to COVID-19 restrictions (travel, park closures, etc.), registrant will have the option of transferring workshop payment to a future workshop or receiving a full refund (inclusive of both the deposit and balance with no administration fee withheld).

There are no exceptions to this policy. CMS Photography strongly encourages you to purchase trip insurance to protect yourself in the event of unexpected circumstances preventing you from attending our workshops. 



"Colleen runs very well-organized workshops, which is extremely important when coordinating the activity of 8-10 individuals. She makes sure we're all comfortable and well cared for by choosing quality accommodations. Her attention to these details gives us the ability to "focus" on our art when we're out in the field. And when it comes to art, she is always adding special touches to our itinerary to encourage us to stretch beyond our comfort zone. I have been attending workshops from a variety of instructors for over 15 years. The range of quality is wide! With Colleen's Sheography Workshops, I've found a perfect fit for my future trips." ~Tina B., 2022 O'Keeffe Sheographer

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