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Coed Photography Workshop




DATES: February 16-20, 2023
COST: $1995/person
DEPOSIT: $500/person
ACTIVITY LEVEL: Easy to moderately strenuous. Best suited for mobile, sure-footed participants who are capable of hiking up to two-miles roundtrip on uneven, rocky, and possibly snowy terrain while carrying their gear. Steeper, stair-step-like climbs to access a few places will be optional. Participants may encounter slick, wet, and icy rocks along the coast and during cold and inclement weather. Temperatures below zero are possible (and cause photogenic, ghost-like Atlantic sea smoke!), as are blizzards. While we will make the most of the conditions, safety is our utmost priority.
MAX PARTICIPANTS: 8 people (co-ed)


In this one-of-a-kind photography adventure in Acadia National Park, you'll not only experience this magical place at a time when most visitors or photographers do not experience Acadia National Park--winter!--but you'll also learn how to photograph in a variety of weather conditions while staying warm and comfortable. After all, you aren't a bear. Your creativity doesn't hibernate in the winter! Grab your coat, get out of your comfort zone, and come on out to give photographing a winter wonderland a try!

Join Colleen (who is also the author/photographer of the award-winning guidebook, Photographing Acadia National Park: The Essential Guide to When, Where, and How, and former three-time Acadia Artist-in-Residence) on this unforgettable educational photography workshop. For the first half of the workshop, we'll put a new spin on favorite Acadian scenes like Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond, and Boulder Beach while also exploring lesser known spots like Duck Brook and Newport Cove.

In an learning-intensive, supportive, and small group setting, where pushing ourselves to try new things will be encouraged, attendees will learn more about how to:





All cancellations must be provided in writing. Cancellations made:

If the vacated spot happens to fill prior to the workshop at any time, then a full refund, including the balance paid and the deposit minus a $100 administrative fee, will be granted.

There are no exceptions to this policy. CMS Photography strongly encourages you to purchase trip insurance to protect yourself in the event of unexpected circumstances preventing you from attending our workshops. 



"The photographic opportunities were awesome and the instruction re: creativity was great. (Never had this in any other workshops I've attended)...yet the ability to delve into the technical was great too. The accommodations were by far, the best I've ever had on any workshop. The food was awesome and I'd definitely do another one! One other thing ....I liked how you didn't shoot much during this. Sometimes when I go to workshops the instructor is out there shooting for themselves so much it is difficult to get help from them." ~Christine C., 2020 Winter in Acadia Sheographer

"Acadia in Winter is vastly different than what I usually shoot – this was a great push to get out of my comfort zone in terms of location, season, subject, technically and compositionally." ~ Brian M. (2018 coed trip)

"Winter in Acadia 2018 turned out to be snowless. Yet, Colleen made the best of it, challenging us with long exposures, creative compositions, and leveraging the flat light, surrounding ice, and whims of nature. What could have been a disaster turned into one of my most successful photo trips!" ~ Paul E. (2018 coed trip)

"Colleen's workshops are great learning and personal experiences. Excellent instruction in the field and in the classroom." ~ Karen (2018 coed trip)

"You're an extraordinary instructor, with a personality that easily connects with people. You have not only deep and wide knowledge - creative and technical - but also the ability to share that knowledge in a way that participants understand and internalize what you've shared. Learning through presentations, executing and receiving feedback in the field, and experiencing critiques pulled the pieces together. I hadn't shot landscapes since film days, and even then, wasn't outrageously intentional about it. I left with reinforced and new knowledge that will be beneficial not only for landscapes, but other subjects." ~ Helen W.

"Another fabulous workshop with Colleen! I can't say enough about her knowledge and enthusiasm. She's great at getting me out of my comfort zone, in a good way." ~Rebecca W.

"The pace was perfect. We were given ample time to download and critique our images. The critique sessions were excellent; I'm always learning from this process." ~Dixie P.

"...the ideas and concepts shared made me think, not just during that day but afterward. I am still mulling over what I learned and how I can apply it." ~ Amy M.


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