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O'Keeffe Sheography Workshop


Education, experience, adventure, and FUN! That's what you'll get when you join Colleen on a CMS Photography workshop.

My goal as a photographer, guide, and human being is to help others feel brave enough to express themselves in their most authentic way possible. Given that, my mission on a workshop is to help you create images you're proud of--no matter where you are at when you start the workshop in regards to skill level, experience, or camera gear.

I love helping you make your own images as much as I enjoy making my own so I do not focus on shooting my own personal work during the workshops and classes I teach. You get extensive personal attention on YOUR needs and YOUR photography.

My goal in leading photography workshops is to help you capture YOUR vision consistently and predictably by:

And, you'll have a blast in the process! I customize each workshop's curriculum using registrants’ input collected prior to the start of the workshop. As such, no two workshops are ever the same--even in the same location! With a 70-80% repeat-client rate, I'm constantly changing up my curriculm to give returning participants a fresh new perspective and challenge.

My workshops are best suited for more active individuals interested in continuously learning about photography, the world around them, and themselves. I do not tell participants what to photograph and where to stand. I do not line workshop participants up at a location and tell them what settings, lens, and angles to use. I do encourage attendees to follow their own bliss in making unique expressive images. Those seeking guidance as to where to put the tripod holes in solely iconic locations will likely not appreciate the personal style and creative vision approach I encourage and therefore may enjoy workshops with other photographic instructors offering photo tours instead.

Because expressing oneself creatively requires courage and confidence, I conduct my sessions in a supportive environment where trying new things, asking questions, and failing are not only expected, but encouraged. Constructive criticism and civil discourse is welcome. Bullying and harrassment are not.

I also operate my workshops on public lands under the required Commercial Use Authorizations (National Park Service) and other permits as stipulated by the USFS, BLM, state parks, and other managing organizations. I conduct my workshops following Leave No Trace principles and in observation of all site rules and regulations. This means jumping fences beyond "no entry" signs, trespassing on private lands, picking live flora, harassing wildlife, and other misconduct by any participant on any workshop will not be tolerated. In addition, out of respect for the environment, starting in 2019, I will no longer provide water in plastic bottles during the trips.

To ensure your safety on my trips, I maintain Wilderness First Responder certification (which includes First Aid/CPR/AED certification). I also hold a Backcountry Food Handling license.

Whether it be through the workshops offered through other companies or one of my own workshops, I can promise memorable learning experience. Hope you'll join me for your next photography adventure!


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