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"I learned more in one day with Colleen then I had with all the other courses that I have taken." ~Anonymous

"This workshop did more to enhance my photographic skills than anything I have ever done. And it was a pure pleasure." ~David A., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"My best workshop ever. I felt this was truly a photography workshop, as opposed to a wild west tour. Best critique sessions I was ever a part of." ~Ron B., Strongville, OH

"I wanted to let you know that I had a wonderful time doing the Watson Lake workshop. Colleen is a great teacher and knowledge of photography is second to none. If you can't learn from her then you are probably dead." ~Jim P., Chandler, AZ

"What a fantastic workshop. The quality of instruction was outstanding, the atmosphere was relaxed, and the overall experience was terrific. I learned more in two days than at most all other workshops combined." ~Bethany B., Payson, AZ

"Colleen is a ball of fire, full of life, knowledge and a desire to share her experiences with everyone". ~Karen McCormick

"Colleen Miniuk-Sperry is the consummate artist minus an attitude. She loves to teach and she loves Acadia. This workshop is a happy combination of her talents and interests." ~Martin Hill

"Thank you so much for sharing your art and your expertise with these amazing people, thank you for supporting LCCC’s creative arts students with you generous donations, thank you for the amazing balance you struck between seriousness and levity as you guided the participants through exercises that I know some of them found incredibly intimidating, and thank you for being such a tremendous example of what it means to be a professional artist and a professional teacher. Thank you for sharing your unique gifts and your special way of seeing the world with us at LCCC for a week!" ~Amber Holen, Laramie County Community College, Cheyenne, WY

"Just wanted to personally thank you for the most awesome workshop!  I am still on a high...:-)  I feel like I did after summer camp as a kid! Your enthusiasm is addictive, your integrity is refreshing and and your sense of humor is "spot on". Thank you, thank you!" ~Margaret M., Cheyenne, WY

"This workshop was truly outstanding - a great balance between classroom work and mentoring in the field from a charismatic instructor." ~George Beller

"I spent 35 years in the college classroom and her presentation was a stellar example of tailoring the message to the audience. She illustrated everything she talked about with her incredible images, and handled a very trying, misbehaving computer system with humor. If you ever get to attend a workshop, a presentation, literally anything that Colleen presents, do yourself a favor. Make sure you’re in the front seat. It will be a journey you’ll truly appreciate. Well done Colleen, well done." ~Tim C., Sun City, AZ

"The best hands-on instructional we have had yet on the camera/flash set-ups.  You are the best. The 6 hours went by in a "flash";  and really jazzed us up for our  upcoming  shooting opportunities." ~Brad and Suzanne F., Scottsdale, AZ

"Most informational workshop I ever took for the cost and time - excellent! Everything I anticipated and more." ~Polina V., Mesa, AZ

"The best organized and executed workshop I have ever attended." ~Bill T., Midland, MI

"I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me and many others.  Your professionalism is the best; you radiate a high level of excitement; you are an excellent instructor and know how to communicate with your students; and you build confidence and enthusiasm in your students to do much more with photography than I would have otherwise considered." ~John O., Sun City, AZ

"Colleen's presentation intertwined her vast experience, intuition and wonderful sense of humor. The class was very informative, and she gave us numerous pertinent resources. I would take another of her workshops in a heartbeat." ~Anonymous

"This is my 2nd workshop with Colleen. She is very knowledgeable and receptive. I have learned so much and built confidence in my photography." ~Elaine S., Sun Lakes, AZ

"Your sense of organization BLOWS me away!! This is a 100 star event for me!!" ~Denise C., Oak Forest, IL

"I'd pay practically any amount of money to take Colleen's classes. Her great sense of humor help her be a superb teacher." ~Mike O., Sun City West, AZ

"Best presentation on Friday night session I've seen. Good command of subject, class attention, and critique session." ~David G., Vail, AZ

"This was one of the best workshop I've attended. Enjoy the workshop very much. I'll enjoy anything in photography you want to teach." ~Anonymous, Surprise, AZ

"Approachable, non-judgemental attitude of Colleen & her sense of humor." ~Marg B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada; in response to "What 1-2 things did you like best about your workshop?"

"Everything about this was excellent. Colleen's presentation Friday night was superb and was a great lead in for Saturday's field work." ~H. Mitchell, Tucson, AZ

"Colleen does a super job with teaching. Her exercises make the teaching more alive and fun too!" ~Muriel M., Scottsdale, AZ

"I have a new found fire for photography.  I really think I can go much further now that I have a better understanding of lighting.  Thank you so much for taking the time to teach me.  Your patience was appreciated." ~Marianna F., Tuscon, AZ

"Absolutely wonderful job yesterday, Colleen. It was the most comprehensive, best organized and best presented one-day seminar I have ever attended - hands down. I hope you know how much we enjoyed it and how much we learned. As you know, we have some excellent amateur photographers in our club. They are in awe of you, your knowledge and your wonderful spirit. Creative people who can also use the left side of their brain are rare. You are a rare gem." ~Dik S., President, Grand Photo Club, Sun City West, AZ

"Thanks again for a wonderful time, Stephanie and I really learned a lot.  You have such a tremendous spirit and the way in which you teach is so easy and relaxing, you make the whole experience very fun and enjoyable." ~Rick B., Glendale, AZ

“Thank you for all your help and direction in both the field and in the classroom.  You are a natural teacher.  You have improved my photos forever.” ~Margaret L., Dedham, MA

"Your generousity of spirit, kindness towards our children, and great personality were an absolute highlight. I loved going to places I would have never been able to see on my own. Anytime I can walk away with some great images, learn a lot, and have a great time doing photography is money well spent!" ~Catherine D., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"I have been in photography classes before, & Colleen was the best communicator I have seen." ~David H., Scottsdale, AZ

"Colleen is enthusiastic and very knowledgeable and is able to translate her ideas effectively to a group of photographers of variable experience." ~Graham B., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"Colleen is a fabulous instructor. She covered all the basics of photography in about 2 hours and was the most tactful person I've ever seen in critiques." ~Anonymous, Watson Lake, AZ

"Photography gives us a chance to express ourselves, and Colleen encouraged us to find our vision. This workshop gave me a chance to discover myself & I am excited to participate in more." ~Emily Brownlee, Scottsdale, AZ

"I got some of the best shots I've ever done and I've been shooting for 35 years now. Everyone has always told me how good I was at it but after this weekend, I was definitely able to take it up a notch...or two." ~Ross M., Houston, TX

"Thank you very much for great workshop. It all made sense and removed fear of the flash. You are a phenomental teacher." ~Polina V., Mesa, AZ

"Colleen, like always, is a wonderful teacher that explains things in a very understandable way." ~Stephanie H., Phoenix, AZ

"The personal attention and photo tips and techniques were excellent. Improved my composition and filter use tremendously. Corrected several of my mistakes and improved my overall photography ability." ~Warren W., Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks for a terrific class. I learned a ton of practical instruction from you. I'd take another class from you with no hesitation." ~Brad F., Scottsdale, AZ

"I just wanted to take a quick moment to say how much I enjoyed the FoAZH Flash Workshop this past weekend and to say Thank You (as well as Ambika and Lynn) for the effort in putting on such a great photographic've helped me start to break down a technical/creative barrier that I've felt has been holding me back as a photographer." ~Jay B., Chandler, AZ

“We were at the right locations at the right time to maximize our photographic experience.”  ~Ray T., Teaneck, NJ

"Colleen is an excellent, easy to understand instructor with very good information." ~Denise S., Paradise Valley, AZ

“Your planning and knowledge of the area were the best yet.” ~Bob H., Sarasota, FL

"I think this was the perfect intro. The theory was helpful, and then the immediate hands on practice was most helpful. I found the food styling information very helpful." ~Dee L., Phoenix, AZ

"Kept on task and kept moving and kept teaching for the entire time. We covered a lot in a short period of time. You have a nice teaching style - makes it easy to learn." ~David G., Scottsdale, AZ

"I really appreciate the critique sessions. Colleen gives excellent advice while valuing the work that you have already created." ~Carlene D., CA

"I wanted to provide some additional comments about the Wildflower Workshop I attended yesterday (Sunday). I was involved in education most of my working career. I taught in K-12 schools, community colleges and taught adult classes in the industry. My opinion of Colleen is that she is an outstanding instructor. She has enthusiasm, is well organized and knowlegeable. She was encouraging to each of us to try new approaches to our pictures. She made the rounds to each person frequently to assist and to make sure we were meeting our expectations for the workshop. Another good attribute is that she indicated clearly to us that as long as the photo met the basic requirements of composition, lighting, and so forth, that each photographer needs to shoot pictures that meet their individual definitions of beauty." ~Jon L., Surprise, AZ

“Colleen’s commitment to teaching was evident from the first moment and went through to her standing in 6 inches of water of help a student get the best shot!” ~Sharon L.

"Thank you so much! I definitely learned more than I expected and am happy I took the class!" ~April K., Scottsdale, AZ

"You have an uncanny ability, which I also noticed when we were together, to criticize while being positive. You made me do and think about things that I normally wouldn't have. You pushed me without my noticing that I was being pushed. My photography has improved because of you." ~Jack M., New Jersey


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