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Can't travel or get outside to practice your photography? Want to keep your skills in tip-top shape in between workshops and photo shoots?

Attend a live webinar event or view a previously recorded webinar on-demand and learn photography skills, tips, and tricks.You'll get dose of inspiration and energy right from the comforts of your home or anywhere you have access to the internet.


Live Webinars

Join me for an exciting, educational 60-90-minute presentation on a dedicated topic. By attending a live webinar event, you'll learn specific techniques to improve your outdoor photography and have the chance to ask questions. Attendance is limited, so register early!

Those who register will receive a link to the recording approximately 24 hours after the event. If you cannot attend, but wish to see the recording later, you can either register for the live event or access it on demand at anytime after the event concludes.

Join me for my next upcoming webinar (click on title to learn more and register): TBD!


Webinars On Demand

Missed a live webinar? No worries! Watch previously recorded webinars from my growing library at your convenience:


Free Webinars:




"Colleen's over the top enthusiasm is more infectious than Covid-19. Her depth of knowledge and ability to transfer that knowledge to us is exceptional."
~Ray L., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Attending Colleen’s webinar was like having an expert giving you fun, pertinent advice while sitting around your living room!"
~Donna D., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Colleen's webinar was professional and informative with easy to understand ideas that created a few "a-ha" moments for me."
~Mary G., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Colleen's knowledge, teaching style and enthusiasm are awesome!!! Despite your skill level, you will learn and have the confidence to try new techniques with a different perspective of how to view your subject."
~Chris S., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Colleen is a great teacher and explains things in ways that are easily understood.  Anything she teaches she teaches with passion."
~Jan K., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Colleen is an excellent teacher, and she conveys her rich artistic and photographic knowledge in a clear and interesting manner."
~David P., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Colleen demonstrates again that she's at the top of photography instructors.  Clear and in-depth explanations, spiced with levity and wit, a deep concern that she is reaching as many of the participants as possible, devoid of trite and everyday observations, plenty of specific images to demonstrate her suggestions, not preachy but genuinely interested in teaching instead of lecturing--all of these are hallmarks of a presentation from Colleen.  Don't miss an opportunity to benefit from her vast and focused knowledge not only of photography but also of teaching."
~Roger P., "Critiquing Your Own Work" webinar

"Expert guidance always kept fresh. Intelligent and down to earth at the same time."
~Sue P., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"Colleen's webinar on "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" was excellent! Her style of presentation and the information covered was outstanding! I'm looking forward to watching more webinars that Colleen offers."
~Richard P., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"I had a general awareness of the importance of composition, depth of field and the effects of lighting on the subject. But what this webinar opened my eyes to was the extent to which lighting can have on the subject and how to take advantage of lighting in enhancing the final product."
~Rex A.,"Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"The webinar contained a lot of useful information, well presented by a very talented and articulate photographer. My mind usually wanders during other webinars, but Colleen kept me focused during the entire program."
~Sam A., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"Colleen inspires and teaches us the art and techniques of compelling photography. Her insight and perspectives are clear and instructive with the spice of humor."
~Stephanie B., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"Though your photography is just stunning, it is your teaching style that draws me in. Lots of photographers make pretty pictures but your ability to relate to your audience as a real person reduces the intimidation factor."
~Jane Simao., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"Colleen's webinars encourage you to hone your photography skills, plan your photo shoot, and maintain the patience to observe before you shoot."
~Frank C., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

"Lots of valuable information for little cost."
~Donna H., "Seeing the Light in Outdoor Photography" webinar

“She gets the message across with enthusiasm and humor. You will learn and not fall asleep in one of her programs!”
~Fred B., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

“Colleen is an excellent teacher and presenter. I love her style which is infused with humor and authenticity. I have found her webinars to be the best I have ever taken!”
~Jean D., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

“I signed-up for this webinar because I wanted to visually observe and learn a typical Photoshop processing workflow from a professional without having to travel some distance to attend a workshop.  Webinar presentation via Zoom work perfectly as it permitted the presenter to cover salient points of Photoshop processing workflow in a relaxed manner while the participant could sit in the comfort of their computer room following along.  The material was presented in a very organized manner and was comprehensive but not intimidating.  In sum, I learned how to refine those Photoshop processes I already knew as well as learned previously unknown or not fully understood functions of Photoshop. Very enjoyable experience and time well spent.”
~Jon W., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

“Colleen’s workshops and webinars are always filled with ways for you to find your joy in photography creatively as well as technically while having a lot of fun at the same time!”
~Cathy P., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"Excellent webinar for all levels, as a starter for beginners or brush-up class for experienced Photoshop users. Even for old hands like me, Colleen had some new techniques that are useful."
~Roger P., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"I appreciate how Colleen balances an analytical approach with creative vision. And she does it in an accessible, non-intimidating way."
~Lisa E., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"Colleen's passion for creativity is equaled by her passion for sharing what she's learned along the way. Creative knowledge and lessons shared authentically."
~Kathy B., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"That was a valuable introduction to image processing and workflow, because it will save a lot of my images from the trash can. Now I have to buy another hard drive."
~Ron B., "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"Colleen is an inspiring instructor. She illustrates and teaches composition, techniques as well as post processing in a clear, simple and entertaining manor. Colleen is the only teacher who has made any sense out of the PS process."
~Anonymous, "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

"Another winner presentation! Processing is still a big learning curve for me - having the presentation video is going to be a go-to tool for me. Great info, great presentation."
~Kathy, "Photoshop Processing Techniques Demo" webinar

“Colleen's enthusiasm, technical skills, knowledge and her ability to spark creativity make her webinars and in person work absolutely amazing and helpful.”
~Jane E., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

"Colleen's friendly style and encouraging tone make for a very engaging webinar. She is a natural teacher, and uses examples from her own work to aptly illustrate her points. Love her style, and the information she presents is easy to incorporate into my own work."
~Susan L., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

"Colleen's enthusiasm for photography and her joy in sharing her experience and knowledge come across in her webinars. She provides techniques and resources that only come from a lot of experience in the field - literally - and are easy to apply to my own efforts.”
~Mary, "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

“I am not new to your webinars and have been to some of your in person classes and always am rewarded with new insights and thoughts that enhance my creative experiences. Not only is the teaching excellent but it is backed up by a phenomenal body of work!”
~Robert F., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

"Macro webinar was a fun filled presentation showing the points to be aware of when trying to photograph small subjects.”
~Brian H., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

"Colleen is a wonderful photographer and teacher, providing real world examples that helps with learning photography. She addresses complex photo challenges with vision, creativity and simplicity which is very refreshing and inspiring, making the photographic journey accessible to both beginners and more experienced photographers alike. There is something for everyone in Colleen's webinars."
~Bill Z., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

"I’ve been to Colleen’s field trips and seminars in the past and really looked forward to the webinar on Macro. She makes learning fun and enjoyable."
~Gary J., "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

“Colleen's webinars are filled with practical step by step directions and advice to make your photography better. I appreciate the before and after photos that show how to take a good photo and make it better. Colleen's sense of humor and friendliness come across even in a webinar to making learning fun and positive.”
~Anonymous, "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

“I have found macro photography very challenging. Colleen's approach was straight forward and easily grasped. I am hopeful!”
~Debbie R. , "Macro/Close-up Photography" webinar

" Very creative photographies and photographer. Good technical executions."
~Ivan S., "Make a Splash" webinar

" Your best webinar yet. Couldn't imagine a clearer, better presentation on the subject."
~Roger P., "Make a Splash" webinar

"Colleen is bright and articulate. She knows her subject matter and presents the material in a clear and consist manner. She is a highly recommended speaker and effective presenter."
~Henry W., "Make a Splash" webinar

"After attending Colleen's "Make a Splash" webinar, I'll never look at water in the same way ever again! Her enthusiasm and expertise, which she shares so freely, always inspire me!"
~Audrey P., "Make a Splash" webinar

"I have watched all your webinars. Your enthusiasm for your subject matter is infectious!"
~Anonymous, "Make a Splash" webinar

“You make the best presentation slides I've ever seen, always full of good info. I love before and after photos, you rock this like a boss and explain it all so well from conception to capture and beyond. Best $5 I have ever spent.”
~Rusty C., "Making the Photos: The 2020 Edition"

“Hearing about Colleen’s experiences of how she mentally and physically came to create such stunning images was inspiring!”
~Donna D., "Making the Photos: The 2020 Edition"

“Colleen is the whole package. She has a great understanding of the photographic process from pre-visualization, composition, to color grading and post processing. Plus a she has a great sense of humor which makes learning fun and personal.”
~Garry F., "Making the Photos: The 2020 Edition"

“Colleen's webinars are as good as you can find. Her manner is inviting, friendly, upbeat and honest.”
~Roger P., "Making the Photos: The 2020 Edition"

“In Colleen's webinar, In Depth on Depth, she provided straight-forward explanations and examples of how to improve 'seeing' the landscapes we want to/intend to photograph. Enjoyed her presentation very much, fun, interesting & informative!”
~Rosemary P., "In Depth on Depth"

“I signed up for this webinar because even though I have a few years of taking pictures under my belt, I have found that you always show me something to consider and to learn to improve my images."
~Harvey S., "In Depth on Depth"

“Colleen’s webinars are fun and packed with useful information, tips, and tricks. I love her unique approach to “seeing” and her generous spirit.”
~Elizabeth P., "In Depth on Depth"

“You are so clear, material presented in such orderly fashion, your passion is contagious, you are brilliant and make [me] think it sounds doable! You always give extra. You inspire us and make us want to try new ways!”
~Mary Elizabeth S., "In Depth on Depth"